Double 50% Polish Goose Down Quilt - Square Baffle Boxed

Double 50% Polish Goose Down Quilt - Square Baffle Boxed

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DYNE 50% Polish Goose Down Double Quilt

- Square Baffle Boxed -

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Polish Goose Down Quilts are the ultimate in high quality bedding and have the unique characteristic of providing lovely warmth with minimal weight.  Being a natural product feather & down breathes, absorbing & lifting moisture away from the body preventing the sweaty and clammy build-up often associated with synthetic bedding.

The Dyne Square Boxed Quilt is available in 1 blanket warmth (2 tog) to a 7 (15 tog)blanket warmth.

1 - 2 Blanket Warmth

This is considered our summer weight range or for those that sleep very hot. Approximate night temperature 15 - 25 degrees.

3 Blanket Warmth

This is considered a good all rounder quilt for slightly warmer sleepers and suitable for all but the coldest Australian winters. Approximate night temperature 10 - 25 degrees.

4 or 5  Blanket Warmth

These are for the colder Australian winters and for those who are cold sleepers. Approximate night temperature 5 - 15 degrees.

6 or 7 Blanket Warmth

These are for the coldest Australian Winters and for those that are unable to retain their warmth. Approximate night temperature -5 - 10 degrees.

- Made here in South Australia by DYNE QUILTS & REJUVENATION -

Dyne Quilts & Rejuvenation Australia has been a South Australian Family Owned and Operated Enterprise since 1971. We take great pride in designing and manufacturing only the highest quality goose & duck down quilts, doonas, pillows, feather mattresses & bedding, with the best quality old fashioned customer service. 

- Celebrating more than 40 years experience in the Quilt & Pillow Industry! -

Down & Feather is a Natural, Functional & Recyclable product

NATURAL: Our Down & Feather is sourced independently in Europe from Free Range Farms where Ducks and Geese roam free of cages, while temperatures regularly plummet well below freezing. This, in turn, produces very large, mature and insulatory Down and Feathers - All of which are collected, treated and processed so that they are completely chemical and bacteria free, giving you peace of mind as you lay your head.

RECYCLABLE: Feather & Down can give you literally a Lifetime of support due to it’s natural properties & applications. It can be a wholly recyclable and is a sound investment with the correct rejuvenation and care.



SIZE:  Double 180cm x 210cm

FILL TYPE: 50% Polish Goose Down / 50% Small Goose Feather


   Square Boxed 

   - Your Quilt is divided into square 'pockets' to help hold the filling in place. Contrary to popular belief the stitching does not fully enclose each square as the small fill holes cannot be sewn off. We recommend you rotate your quilt on a regular basis to help prevent movement.

    -May be cleaned but not be fully 'rejuvenated'- Outer case is destroyed to remove & clean all filling during a full rejuvenation process.

   *Half / Half Option Available*- One half of your quilt can be made warmer than the other half to cater for couples with differing warmth preferences, or singles who want a versatile summer/winter warmth rotation! Please see our Marriage Saver Quilts.

FABRIC: Our high quality down proof japara cotton is tightly woven in a traditional 1 to 1 weave pattern, producing a high quality 329 thread count finish, preventing feather and down escaping through the fabric, whilst also stopping dust and dust mite from penetrating the case.

ASTHMA FRIENDLY AND HYPO ALLERGENIC: All Dyne products are encased in a high thread count cotton that is impenetrable to dust mite, making this quilt a very safe choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.

OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100: This standard ensures no chemicals are used in manufacturing the fabric, safe for you and safe for the environment.

DOWN PASS CERTIFIED: Products with the "Downpass" label stand for high quality and the assurance that the down and feathers used are ethically harvested and come from a strictly controlled and traceable supply chain.

RDS CERTIFIED: The "Responsible Down Standard" ensures that the down and feathers come from ducks and geese that are treated well. This means enabling them to live healthy lives, express innate behaviours and not suffer from pain fear or distress.

DIN CERTCO CERTIFIED: The "Din Certco" certificate is an audited certificate that assures that our suppliers do not derive their down and feathers from live animals.

CHEMICAL FREE: Dyne Down & Feather is guaranteed to be treated at a minimum core temperature of 130 degrees Celsius without the use of any chemicals, this ensures that any bacteria are thoroughly eliminated and you are not sleeping with potentially harmful chemical residues.


Please feel free to contact us at DYNE on (08)8277 9544 if you

require any further information