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Supreme warmth

Our Dyne 95% Goose down quilt is absolutely fantastic. My wife and I had used flannelette sheets and up to 4 blankets and a second-rate doona before getting this 5 blanket-warmth quilt in 2016. We found it hard to believe that something so lightweight (800gm) could be so unbelievably warm. It is quite extraordinary in what it does. We live in Coffs Harbour, on the mid-north coast of NSW, where the winter room temps drop to about 10 degrees overnight. On these nights we actually can’t wait to get into the sack and feel the luxurious warmth of this world-class quilt surrounding us. We sing its praises wherever we go and will continue to do so. Well done to Dyne for making such a great quilt along with an impressive price and service. Fair dinkum it’s that good!

Rose Josephs

Excellent service and wonderful products

Have dealt with Dyne for many years and have always had wonderful service. Dyne Goose down quilts are the best quilt for us. My partner sleeps a lot warmer than I do, so my side of the quilt is made warmer – perfect sleeping for both of us. Dyne will make a quilt to suit you, not the general population and can adjust it is it is not ‘quite right’. Even my dog has a Dyne quilt – he loves his bed! Dyne will make a quilt any size you require, even a round one if necessary. Give them a call, you won’t be sorry.



My wife and I are extremely happy with the winter goose down quilt that we purchased from Dyne. The warmth and quality are exceptional. They are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to selecting the right quilt for your needs.


Our cat is very pleased

Our cat would like to thank Dyne for providing such a warm, soft, comfortable doona to snuggle in.

Actually we are pretty happy with it too.


Magnificent doona

I just bought a king size 8 blanket and it is awesome. Got excellent service with efficient postage.

Linda Magor

Beautiful and warm. With excellent service.

We purchased a queen and two single size down quilts from Dyne many years ago. The children have since married and took their quilts with them. Now their children are using them. We decided we would purchase a “Marriage Saver Queen size” Polish Goose Down quilt with five blanket warmth one side and three blanket warmth the other. It is beautiful and warm and I love the fact that I am not as hot as I used to be with this quilt. The service was excellent. Thank you so much, Noella.

Phil Taylor

Above and Beyond from Dyne

My decision to source Australian and find Dyne was the best decision I have made in purchasing in recent years. My only mistake was to buy a 5 blanket, but when I decided to return it and adapt to a 3 and a 2 Blanket, Noella was more than happy to assist and promptly return my 2 Doona’s back to me. Exceptional service, prompt, efficient, and proudly made in Australia. Support the locals, you won’t be disappointed.

Neil Morrissey

Quilts: Queen QQH9010-6CH/SQ Queen Size Quilt -90% Hungarian Goose Down -6 Blanket Warmth (1260gms) Baffle Channeled

I brought the following quilt because we had a similar Europe one in the 1980’s. That one lasted for years giving keeping us very warm in the winter in Orange NSW. This one is even better than the old quilt. If you want a good quilt then you can’t go past the Sales: Quilts: Queen QQH9010-6CH/SQ
Queen Size Quilt
- 90% Hungarian Goose Down
- 6 Blanket Warmth (1260gms)
Baffle Channeled
Highly recommended

Natalie Castellan

Divine Pillow

What can i say the best pillow my greasy head has ever laid on! ( lol ) so very pleased and highly recommend.



Thank you very much, excellent service and awesome Aussie made quilt. Such a pleasure doing business with them.


Excellent Service

My king size quilt was recently rejuvenated and recovered….excellent job, I was very pleased with the result! My down pillow was also rejuvenated, once again, a great job! The lady I spoke to over the phone and again, personally, was lovely and very helpful…and provided prompt service. I was very impressed.


Great pillow

I purchased a Dyne duck down pillow this week, very happy sleeping nicely now!

Knowledgeable & helpful staff, made the selected pillow to my requirements in a few minutes.

Great local SA business making quality products.



My wife and but recently bought a new mattress and the shop where we bought the mattress sold us a memory foam and soft cotton/polyester fibre pillow. The pleasure of a new mattress was overshadowed by 2 very uncomfortable pillows. I then found Dyne bedding online and phoned on a Sunday. Luckily my call was answered and the Dyne lady gave us a lot of information and advice about the range of goose pillows they manufacture and sell. We bought two Goose Down 95% (Polish) pillows and they were delivered within a day, from Adelaide to where we live in Sydney. These pillows have far exceeded all our expectations and they are the most beautiful and luxurious pillows you can imagine. Every night I go to sleep I thank my lucky stars I found Dyne Bedding . The pillows are just perfect! It has made such a difference to the quality of our sleep. Whenever we need a new item of bedding such as a quilt/doona, I won’t bother shopping around and will go straight to Dyne. They also have a terrific after sales service with each pillow individually identified – can you believe! If we wanted more down in the pillow they would assist with this with no labor charge. As it turns out the amount of down is spot on perfect. Dyne bedding is a great example of an Aussie company offering superior products and service without having to charge up their prices to pay for marketing costs. Good on you guys!!
What a gem!


I bought a down pillow from you a while back. You customised it to my liking. I have been meaning to write you and let you know how over the moon I am with your pillow.

I had the same pillows for about 20 years (gross I know). I had bought some down pillows over the years and none of them were suitable. I found you online as my pillows finally gave up the ghost.

I was a bit concerned as I have never spent as much for a pillow, but thought I would give it a try.

I wanted a very flat, and I mean flat pillow. I ordered what I thought was a flat pillow, but it was still way too high for me. I contacted you and asked if you could take out half the fill and make another pillow with the excess fill.

They are now absolutely perfect. I honestly thought I would never be able to find a good replacement. I was dead wrong. Your service and communication was fantastic. I cannot recommend you any more highly. Thank you again!