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Sleep in Warmth and Comfort

  • Breathable, light and soft
  • Very safe for people with asthma and allergy
  • Naturally sourced from open range farms in Germany and Poland
  • Hold superior thermal properties to synthetic fiber alternatives
  • Effective in reducing the moisture trapped in our bedding
  • Long-lasting and more comfortable than feather

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A Guide to Quilt Warmth Levels

1–2 Blanket Warmth

This is considered our summer weight range or for those that sleep very hot. Approximate night temperature 15–25 degrees.

3 Blanket Warmth

This is considered a good all-rounder quilt for slightly warmer sleepers and suitable for all but the coldest Australian winters. Approximate night temperature 10–25 degrees.

4 or 5 Blanket Warmth

These are for the colder Australian winters and for those who are cold sleepers. Approximate night temperature 5–15 degrees.

6 or 7 Blanket Warmth

These are for the coldest Australian Winters and for those that are unable to retain their warmth. Approximate night temperature -5–10 degrees.

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