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Thank you for choosing Dyne to rejuvenate and clean your feather and down bedding please drop into us on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 8.30 - 12pm in a tied off plastic bag - Thank you.

Need a total bedding sanitization?

What is Rejuvenation?

If your quilt, pillow or sleeping bag has become flat and does not seem as warm as it use to be it is probably time to have it rejuvenated. Dyne introduced this process to Australia in 1987, be wary of cheap cleaning processes, actual rejuvenation is a specialised service that needs specialised equipment.

Rejuvenation is the removal of your feather and down from the fabric casing into our Lorch D523 Autoclave unit (the only one of its type operating in South Australia).

Here your feather and down is triply de-dusted and broken particles removed. Dyne’s autoclave sterilises with high pressure steam at 130 celcius, killing dust mite and bacteria, and ensures that during the drying process the feather and down regains its natural loft.

The outer casing is then laundered or replaced and the clean filling placed back into the case. When we refill your case we can add extra down if you require more warmth (there is a charge for additional fill) or re fill with a lower fill weight if the quilt has been too warm. We can also then differentially fill your quilt making one side warmer than the other to suit two different sleep zones. We will ensure your bedding suits you.

Is my Quilt worth Rejuvenating?

A good quality feather and down quilt can last a lifetime if cared for properly. To ensure you are not putting good money after bad our trained staff will assess your quilt before we proceed with anything.

Rejuvenation should last 3 – 5 years with regular airing in between. Do not ever hot wash or dry clean your feather and down bedding, these processes strip the natural oils from your feather and down rendering them dry and brittle and reducing the life span of your bedding.

Can a Boxed/Squared Quilt be Rejuvenated?

Only if we replace your original case (as the original case is destroyed when removing the fill in boxed designs), otherwise we do offer a specialised washing service using a natural eucalyptus washing agent to prevent damage to your feather and down and to also ensure that there are no harmful chemicals added to your bedding.

Australia-wide Quilt, Pillow, Feather, Doona, Duvet Rejuvenation Cleaning Service

Received the delivery yesterday. I have to say I’m super-impressed with your service.

The work you carried out was exactly to spec and of the highest quality. The service and personal attention you gave to my order, from the very first phone call right through to how meticulously the return goods were packed and cared for was outstanding.

I had the best nights sleep last night I’ve had in years.

Well done guys! You’re setting the bar pretty high for your competitors, one of which might I say, was here in Sydney who did this all for me last time but dropped the ball by not responding to emails or phone messages when I called them.

I will have no problem shipping my stuff to you in SA from now on, and likewise referring anyone who asks.