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Expert Total Bedding Cleaning Australia Wide

With over 50 years of service in the business, we continue to take great pride in designing and manufacturing only the highest quality goose and duck down quilts, doonas, duvets, pillows, and feather mattresses and match it with our expert total bedding cleaning and rejuvenation services across Australia, including from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs, Gold Coast, Cairns, Tasmania and Hobart.

Dyne Quilts & Rejuvenation Australia has been a South Australian family-owned and operated enterprise since 1971, so if you are looking to buy new quilts and pillows or for full cleaning and rejuvenation services with our chemical-free, high-temperature steam autoclave unit—look no further than the original and the best!

Changing The Way You Clean and Sanitize Your Bedding

Are your Quilt, Doona, Duvet and Pillow looking a bit sad and wrinkled and don't give you the same warmth and comfort as they used to? You probably need to change the way you clean and sanitize your bedding.

Regularly cleaning your quilt and pillows is essential on so many levels. That yellowing that you see on your doona? It’s caused by sweat. Yikes. That could be why your bedroom is starting to smell like a gym despite regularly changing your sheets.

Worse, bedding can harbour dust mites, bacteria, fungal spores and all types of nasties, it kind of makes you wonder just who you are really sleeping with, and you don’t even know it. Yellowing doesn’t come out, but we can nonetheless ensure that your bedding is once again hygienically clean and smelling fresh.

We suggest having a heavy winter doona and a lighter-weight summer doona for your bed. You should get them cleaned when you swap them over, as the weather changes twice each year before you put them in storage. So now you have access to fresh, clean bedding wherever you are, whenever you want. If only everything in life was this simple and worry-free!

Take advantage of the time-tested and proven Australia Wide Quilt, Pillow, Feather, Doona, Duvet Cleaning that only Dyne can offer. To be more specific, we provide cleaning and rejuvenating services for Goose Down Quilts and Duck Down Quilts and Goose Down and Duck Down Pillows.

We welcome enquiries and orders for all cleaning and rejuvenation of quilts, doonas, duvets and pillows from all across Australia, including from Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs, Gold Coast, Cairns, Tasmania and Hobart. Call us on (08) 8277 9544 now!

Why Dyne Quilts & Rejuvenation

We believe in providing an honest, ethical and transparent service to all of our clients across Australia and take pride in ensuring every client is treated with the utmost importance. We do the job right the first time and treat every bedding we clean and rejuvenate as if they're our own.

We ensure to provide the best Australia Wide Quilt, Pillow, Feather, Doona, Duvet Cleaning services. You can also trust there will be no harmful chemicals added to your bedding, so you can have the most comfortable and beautiful night's sleep again.

  • Established since 1971
  • SA owned and operated
  • Honest, ethical and transparent service
  • Trusted and established brand
  • Time-tested and proven
  • Australia wide rejuvenation and cleaning services

Superior Australia Wide Quilt, Pillow, Feather, Doona, Duvet Cleaning

TIP: Whatever you do, please don’t try to wash a doona in your domestic washing machine.

Wet doonas are heavy, really heavy, and the motor on a domestic washing machine just isn’t designed to handle the load. And, because you can only fit one doona in at a time, machines get out of balance and unstable.

And we’re not just saying that because we want you to use our cleaning and rejuvenating service. We get a lot of business from people who have burned out the motor on their washing machine attempting to wash doonas themselves. It seems that by attempting to save money washing their doonas at home, they find themselves in the position of having to outsource ALL their laundry while they wait for a new machine.

NOTE: Please note all bedding coming into our office must be in a tied-off plastic bag.

Thank you for choosing Dyne to rejuvenate and clean your feather and down bedding please drop into us on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 8.30 - 12pm in a tied off plastic bag - Thank you.

Need a Total Bedding Sanitization?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Rejuvenation?
    • If your quilt, pillow or sleeping bag has become flat and does not seem as warm as it used to be, it is probably time to have it rejuvenated. However, be wary of cheap cleaning processes because actual rejuvenation is a specialised service that needs specialised equipment.

      We introduced Australia Wide Quilt, Pillow, Feather, Doona, Duvet Cleaning in 1987. Rejuvenation is the removal of your feather and down from the fabric casing into our Lorch D523 Autoclave unit, the only one of its types operating in South Australia.

      You can read more about rejuvenation here.

  • Is my Quilt worth Rejuvenating?
    • A good quality feather and down quilt can last a lifetime if cared for properly. To ensure you are not putting good money after bad our trained staff will assess your quilt before we proceed with anything.

      Rejuvenation should last 3 – 5 years with regular airing in between. Do not ever hot wash or dry clean your feather and down bedding, these processes strip the natural oils from your feather and down rendering them dry and brittle and reducing the life span of your bedding.

  • Can a Boxed/Squared Quilt be Rejuvenated?
    • Only if we replace your original case (as the original case is destroyed when removing the fill in boxed designs), otherwise we do offer a specialised washing service using a natural eucalyptus washing agent to prevent damage to your feather and down and to also ensure that there are no harmful chemicals added to your bedding.

  • I live interstate can I still get my bedding rejuvenated?
    • You most certainly can. We have many clients that post their quilts and pillows back to us for rejuvenation. When we receive your bedding we will assess then give you a ring with the costing options and only proceed on your approval. We process our interstate goods within 48 hours to ensure you are not without your bedding for an extended period of time.

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